Trikeenan Tileworks



Trikeenan Tileworks was started by my husband and myself in our garage in 1989. It grew to employ over 50 people, with two factories in New Hampshire and upstate Newy York. We focused on handmade artisan tile, as well as thin glazed brick made from recycled materials. The name Trikeenan comes from our two eldest children Trina and Keenan, and our youngest Siena, provided inspirition for the logo. For us, Trikeenan was not only a job, but an extension of our family.

Residential Projects

For many years our main focus was on residential projects for bathrooms, kitchens, pools, and hallways. We offered an individualized design with all of our products, and worked to ensure that each installation enhanced the feeling of home. The aim was to create a space in which families, couples, or individuals could live their lives surrounded by beauty and tranquility. Due to this goal we spent many hours getting to know our customers, and beginning to understand what ‘home’ meant to them.



Commercial Projects

Although much of our company was focused on residential homes, we greatly enjoyed our partnerships with clients like Whole Foods, Tommy Hilfigger, Starbucks, as well as many hotels, inns, restaurants, and bars. One of our last, and largest commercial project was a partnership with Mercy West Hospital.

The Eva Zeisel Collaboration

In 2009 my partner and I met the wonderful designer Eva Zeisel, and decided to work with her on a collaborative project. The idea was to re-create many of her classic designs to work in the context of tile installations. We modified her salt and pepper shakers, wall dividers, and many other objects to create unique and sensual tiles, designed to inspire a feeling of intimacy between ourselves and the inanimate world.