Teaching Philosophy and Student Work



I have mostly taught in a waldorf context, which means I put a large focus on how the artistic experience collides with the students psychological development. At the moment I am interested in expanding this philosphy to inlclude Buddhist influences. This is due to my time teaching at Abiding Heart, a Research Center focused on integrating secular education within the Buddhist world view using Waldorf methodology as a framework. Abiding Heart. The outcome of this will be a Master's certified teacher training program training pre-primary, and primary/secondary teachers up to class 8. The program was developed by Buddhist monks at the Tergar Osel Ling Monestary in Katmandu, Nepal.


My curriculums are quite versatile depending on the group. For example, one must take into account age, location, and the general interest of the students. However, throughout my teaching I follow a strong walfdorf methodology.

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Student Work

As a teacher, it is the work of the student that takes the highest place, but more important that the work itself is the process of self-discovery that art can enable.

A collection of student work all at the highschool level

Mentoring for Over Two Years

For a little over two years I have worked as a mentor in Waldorf Communities in the Arts and Administration, with a concentration on High School Pedagogy. This includes work with students as well as teachers - concentrating in Middle and High School blocks. I have worked mostly in Asia: China, Nepal, and India.

Schools include:
Renzhi Waldorf School, Shenzhen, China
Nanshan High School, Xinzhuang, Beijing, China
Xinzhuang Academy, Xinzhuang, Beijing, China
Hairong Waldorf School, Guangzhou, China
Chengdu Waldorf School, Chengdu, China
Tashi Waldorf School, Kathmandu, Nepal
Vidya Aranya Waldorf School, Goa, India