Design & Consulatancy

As a professional ceramic tile designer, I assist my partner in founding SJP Designs, a ceramics consulting business focusing on product design, development, and engineering. Known internationally for our accomplishment as founders and innovators of Trikeenan Tileworks, my experience in ceramics, ceramic tile manufacturing and small business development runs deep.


General Information

Bringing creative opportunities, solutions and design experience within the world of ceramics and architectural surfaces. SjP's mission is directed by a philosophy of excellence in design & artistic integrity. Sculptural wall treatments and coordinating floor patterns for all interior and exterior applications is the primary design focus.

As a direct conduit between the manufacturer and the architectural design community, we provide professional expertise and access to world-class product and design. Our projects reflect a wide spectrum of knowledge from architects, artists, designers, manufacturers and specifiers to create fresh and innovative solutions, and are defined as much by process and collaboration as by the product itself.

Licensed to manufacture, distribute and market the Eva Zeisel Tile collection - collaborated and designed with Eva before her death in 2011.

Feasability Reports

Due to our experience in the tile industry, we have also worked with companies in the process of purchasing or merging with another bussiness. We specialize in creating feasability reports, and assessing the risks invloved in a possible collaboration, purchase, or merger.